Homunculus Bike Helmet

Why protect your brain with just any image when you could protect your brain with an image that illustrates what your body map looks like in proportion to the area of the brain cortex concerned with it... aka a cortical homunculus! Sorry, the map is not distorted to reflect what your body map becomes while riding a bike, but still, this is a wonderful conversation piece and beautiful object for the every day cyclist and thinker. The left side is a sensory map, and the right side is a motor map. [Homunculus idea (or, "Psychling" helmet) by Jesse Chan-Norris.]

All of our helmet designs are one-of-a-kind, hand-painted with ink and acrylics, and sealed with a UV-protected varnish to make its surface scratch and water-resistant.

Each helmet comes with adjustable foam padding for the perfect fit. The S/M fits head circumferences 20" - 21.75" and the L/XL fits head circumferences 22" - 23.75".

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