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Inkwell Helmets was founded by visual artist Danielle Baskin in efforts to transform the dull bicycle helmet into a unique fashion accessory. Each helmet is painted by hand and shipped out all over the world. We hope to change the way people interact with and think about utilitarian objects and to get cyclists to ride more safely. Safety doesn't have to compromise style.




Our Team



Danielle Baskin, CEO, Founder, Painter

Since 2009, Danielle has personally designed and painted several thousand customers' helmets. Initially created as a way to camouflage her helmet by painting it to look like the sky, Danielle has since developed over 100 unique helmet designs and continuously creates new products. She's on a mission to get more people to wear helmets, who are deterred by limited styles available in the sporting goods market. She's an enthusiast of wrap-around images, optical illusions, bikes as transportation, bicycle safety, modifiable objects, and science education that you can wear on your head. She holds a BFA from New York University where she studied Art and Psychology and also works as an illustrator, scenic designer for film and theater, and operates a few other businesses including Peddler Pop-Ups: a mobile displays on tricycles company, and Physical Cloud: "cloud storage" desk sculptures. She wears mostly one of three helmets: the blue sky (the first helmet), the homunculus diagram, or the M.C. Escher Sphere.


Commonly Asked Questions 

Can you paint on motorcycle helmets, ski helmets, or snowboard helmets?   Yes, I can paint them, but I cannot provide the helmets themselves. If you're able to purchase one and ship it to me, then please get in touch about a painting request by emailing info@inkwellhelmets.com.
Can you paint a helmet I already have?  Mostly, yes! If you're providing the helmet, I can give you a discount on the total as well. Contact us if you're interested in this and let us know the brand of your helmet to ensure that we have permission to paint it.

Can you paint custom requests?  Indeed! If you have a specific concept in mind or would like something added to an existing design (like a logo, name, or quote) or generally have no clue what sort of design you want, but still want something awesome, please send an email to the designer directly at info@inkwellhelmets.com.

Help. I can't decide which helmet I want.  Contact us for style suggestions or consider joining our quarterly subscription to receive new, unlaunched designs. We have a long list of designs that are yet-to-be-made.

Do Citibike or bike share members get a discount?  You do! We offer 10% off any helmet for Citibike members. Have a different bike share program in your city? We'll honor that too. Use the discount code BIKESHARESAFE at checkout.

Is painting a helmet safe?  Yep! SGS Consumer Testing Services has approved that applying material to helmets is safe as long as its surface is able to skid and no corrosive materials are used. I use non-toxic Acrylic paints and water-based varnishes on ASTM & CPSC-certified helmets from Seven Star Sports for bicycle helmets. In any case, helmets should be used only for about 5 years and should not be re-used after an impact... although after you stop wearing your helmet, you might want to keep it forever as an interesting object.

Can I try the helmets on or see them in person?  Our list of retailers is here. You're also welcome to schedule an appointment with Danielle for a custom fitting at her studio in the Mission / Bernal Heights in San Francisco.

Who paints and designs the helmets?  Inkwell Helmets are all hand-painted and designed by the company founder Danielle. But we may be hiring more painters soon! Would you like to work with us? Send us an email and we'll keep you posted on job opportunities.

How often do you add new designs? All the time. Keep checking back. 

Can you paint helmets for my coworkers and I?  I think that would be awesome. Plus, it would be great advertising space for your commute. Here's an example of a helmet I created for Worker B, a hand-crafted (beehive-based) skincare products company from Minneapolis, painting a twist on our honeycomb design and incorporating their logo. There's many more examples of our custom branded work here.


How can I stay updated on all the latest news and whereabouts of the company?


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