Wood (Ski / Snowboard Helmet)

A wooden ski and snowboard helmet made from prunus pensylvanica trees hand-chopped in Appalachian Mountains and hand-carved to form this sporting goods object. (We kid you. It's just an imitation.) Let us know your favorite woodgrain and we'll copy it with paint. Each helmet is hand-painted with acrylics and ink in our studio. It's also coated with a UV-protected varnish, making its surface scratch and water-resistant.

We can paint a helmet of your choice, if you supply it! Email us to organize it.

Head circumference fittings are as follows.

Small: 21.25" - 22"

Medium: 22" - 22.75"

Large: 22.75" - 23.5"

X-Large: 23.5" - 24.5"

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